CGE Youth

Summer Camp 

Two great cooking camps for ages 10-18 years, that will teach your

child how to cook from the heart for the heart.

Come join the fun!

July 10-14

Kitchen Fundamentals


  • Essential Tools of the Kitchen & Knife Skills
  • Kitchen Hygiene & Safety
  • Essential Techniques (sauteeing, baking, roasting, creating stock)
  • Homemade Sauces & Dressings
  • Youth Cookoff!!!


July 17-21

Fast Food Favorites


  • Build a Better Burger
  • Taco Tuesday
  • Healthier Chicken Nuggets & Fries
  • Smoothies and Power Bowls
  • Youth Cookoff!!!¬†


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Turn “What’s for Dinner?” Into “Dinner is Served.”

In Session 1,

Kitchen Fundamentals:

Mastering Essential Cooking Techniques

Imagine coming home to your tween or teen telling you “I made dinner!” The house is still standing and the air smells like delicious food!

Yes, this could be your reality.

Camp participants will delve into the basics of cooking, focusing on key techniques that form the foundation of culinary skills. From knife skills to proper measuring and essential cooking methods, campers will gain confidence in the kitchen and develop a repertoire of fundamental recipes.

Cook, Learn, Comer con Gusto!

Session 2

Wholesome Twists on Fast Food Favorites:

Creating Delicious and Nutritious Alternatives

Is it possible for your teen to ask to have fast food at home, bypassing the “Arch”, the “King”, the “Bell” AND that “Chick” on the ride home?

Campers will discover the art of recreating their favorite fast foods in healthier ways. From crafting flavorful burgers with lean proteins and fresh ingredients to whipping up guilt-free versions of chicken nuggets and tacos, participants will learn how to make smart choices while still indulging in beloved fast food flavors.

At the End of Each Camp Session:

At the end of our exciting cooking classes, your child will have a wonderful collection of memorable experiences and tangible mementos to cherish. We provide a comprehensive package that captures the essence of their culinary journey, including:

1. Recipe Compilation: A carefully curated list of all the recipes your child learned during the cooking classes. From mouthwatering main dishes to delectable desserts, they will have a compilation of tried-and-true recipes to recreate at home and share with family and friends.

2. Class Photo Gallery: A delightful assortment of pictures capturing your child’s culinary adventures, showcasing their smiles, teamwork, and proud accomplishments. These vibrant snapshots will bring back cherished memories of their time spent cooking and learning with their peers.

3. Technique Handbook: A handy reference guide summarizing the essential cooking techniques covered throughout the classes. From knife skills to baking methods, your child will have a valuable resource to consult whenever they want to master a particular culinary technique.

4. Personalized Certificate of Achievement: Each participant will receive a personalized certificate of achievement, acknowledging their dedication, growth, and newfound skills in the kitchen. It serves as a tangible reminder of their accomplishments and encourages them to continue their culinary journey.

5. Take-Home Creations: Your child will proudly bring home their culinary creations, allowing the entire family to savor and appreciate the delicious dishes they prepared with love and creativity. It’s a delightful way to showcase their newfound culinary expertise.

We aim to provide a holistic and immersive cooking experience, equipping your child with not only practical skills but also lasting memories and keepsakes. Our end-of-class cookoff celebrates their accomplishments and inspires them to continue exploring their passion for cooking.

These unforgettable cooking classes, will leave your child with lasting memories, developed culinary skills, and a lifelong love for cooking from and for the heart.