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Our Family’s health journey started with my daughter. She was allergic to all but four foods. She could eat bison, turkey, cucumbers, and iceberg lettuce. Not the most exciting and flavorful menu for a young girl. Sorry to say, there was no mainstream microwavable bison 20 years ago.

Oh, did I mention I couldn’t cook?

I had to learn to cook fast and I had to seek guidance and educate myself on how to help my daughter heal and overcome these food allergies and sensitivities. My goal was simply to help my little girl and our family get back to the normalcy of life.  Having severe allergies is isolating. No birthday parties or sleepovers, even church and family potlucks were a chore. I knew there had to be a  way.

I realized we were not the only family going through this when a friend of mine, whose daughter only ate bananas (by choice), asked if I could help her daughter be open to eating other foods.

Instead, I agreed to teach the mom how to cook for enjoyment and for health.

We made green pizzas that day. Yup! The pizza crust and some other ingredients were green. I could tell the mom did not want to eat it (this spoke to the relationship with food), but she did and loved it. I instructed her to go home and make the recipe with her daughter. She did and the little girl had not one, not two, but THREE helpings.

She said people need to know about this. At that moment Cleangoodeats was born.



Sakinah Bunch, ND, INHC

After the untimely death of her mom and husband, then caring for family members with severe health issues, Sakinah discovered that operating according to conventional healthcare rules almost led to the loss of a child, and brought about the decline of her health as well.

As a Doctor of Naturopathy and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Sakinah specializes in health and wellness coaching, sugar consummation reduction, and assisting her clients in limited and personalized eating styles. She loves empowering individuals to learn what it takes to cook and eat for wholeness and establish healthy relationships with food, others, and self.

Food is an integral part of our lives. We celebrate with it, we seek comfort from it, and we even use it as a recreational activity. But what happens when the normalcy of culture gets disrupted and we must seek new ways of relating to food? What happens when the very thing that brings us such comfort and joy turns into a weapon of mass destruction? This is where the story of Cleangoodeats, LLC begins.


“I learned some things on how to season my food which hubby was thankful for. ☺️ From the games to Ms. Sakinah’s patience with those who may not be masters in the kitchen (myself), it’s definitely something I will do again and recommend you do as well.”

– Dineshia Baines

“I asked Cleangoodeats to help me surprise my husband for his birthday. He loved it, and so did I. We had an awesome night filled with fun, laughter, and good food. I will definitely be using them again!”

– Jeannie Lett

“OMG!!! What an AMAZING experience!!! Sakinah Bunch thank you for instructing us with patience and love!! I highly recommend Cleangoodeats for your girls day out or the couples’ Intimacy Begins in the Kitchen class you will not be disappointed!!!!”

– Ericka Bond

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