Last night I went to a birthday celebration for a friend. There were great nutritious foods available. I ate them.

The food was set up on stations.

Station 1 – veggies.

Station 2 – meat.

Station 3 – Seafood.

BUT THAT STATION 4  😢 …Desserts. 😔 

It had raspberries, blackberries, but then there was cake! I am not a pastry person. I love sweet food, but the pastries I can do without. This night I had my fair share of pastries. At that moment, I was all in, but in hindsight (which really was foresight ignored), I knew it was all about the hormones.  

Unfortunately, I know I am not alone in this. I am sure you have had those days when you can’t resist that huge slice of cake or those mouthwatering cookies. Well, it turns out our hormones can have a major impact on our cravings! When our hormones are out of whack, especially during certain times of the month or during periods of stress, our bodies crave quick energy sources like sugar.

In my circumstance, we have a lot of moving parts and firsts going on in my home and our business. It has been stressful, and last night’s dessert station was the culmination of that stress “relief.” But I am sure you know it was not really a relief. It was just a mask for what was going on inside.  

I could beat myself up like I am sure so many have. But where would that get me? Probably it would have me reaching for more of the sugary stuff I don’t even really want in the first place. It does, however, propel me to see and address the root cause. Understanding the connection between hormones, stress, and cravings can help one make better choices.

By getting back to the basics and implementing healthy habits like regular exercise, getting enough sleep, reducing stress, and focusing on whole foods, we can support our hormones and reduce those irresistible sugar cravings. Balance is the key!   So next time you find yourself reaching for that sugary treat, take a moment to check in with your hormones. To help you do this, we have developed a 4-week plan to get us all back on track.  

Week 1 – Understanding your hormones – We will talk about the body, hormones such as the big 4 – estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and cortisol, and how they affect various functions within the body and our overall health.  

Week 2 – Food and Hormone Balance – We will focus on how foods can help us become more balanced and what foods negatively impact our hormones and shift our moods and sleep patterns.  

Week 3 – Exercise and Stress Management – What types of exercise are beneficial for stress management, how to meditate for maximum effectiveness, and how deep breathing can lessen hormone imbalances.  

Week 4 – Sleep and Lifestyle Habits – Learn how to prioritize good sleep hygiene to support hormone balance, restructure your environment for comfortable, uninterrupted sleep each night, and how to make lifestyle changes that will stick with you.  

Remember, we’ve got the power to make choices that support our overall well-being. Let’s use those superpowers for good to stay happy, healthy, and in control!

#HormonesAndCravings #BalanceIsKey

Sakinah Bunch, ND, INHC

Doctor of Naturopathy

Integrative Nutrtition Health Coach

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