As the golden hues of autumn approach and we find ourselves on the cusp of entering the deeper chapters of life, a realization often strikes. Women over 40, much like the oaks standing tall, bear the weight of many branches – demanding careers, aging parents, children spreading their wings, and personal aspirations, each adding its own kind of beauty and challenge.

Navigating through these multifaceted roles, while incredibly rewarding, comes with its own set of pressures. The expectation to effortlessly glide through these transitions can sometimes make us feel more like we’re trudging through a storm. It’s during these times that our mental well-being can be akin to a boat in choppy waters, craving the serenity of a calm sea.

 Mindfulness: The Anchor in Our Storm

Have you ever found yourself so engrossed in a task that hours felt like minutes? That’s mindfulness in action. Being present, feeling the weight of the pen as we write, the texture of the mug as we sip our morning coffee, or the gentle hum of the world around us, can ground us. For women over 40, who often juggle numerous roles, the art of mindfulness can be a sanctuary.

Meditation: A Whispered Promise of Peace

Many of us grew up with the idea that relentless activity is a sign of value and worth. But true power, as God has proclaimed, lies in moments of silence. Meditation offers a pause, a break from the constant chatter of life. It’s not about escaping reality, but about diving deeper into it. Even a few minutes daily can equip us with the resilience and serenity to face life’s challenges. David, in Psalms 5:1-3, shares the importance of meditation especially in the morning before we start our day.

Finding Our Tribe: The Power of Community

One of the most potent stress-relievers is often found in the company of kindred spirits – women who are walking the same path, facing similar challenges, and who can lend a listening ear. Whether it’s a weekly coffee meetup, a book club, or an exercise class, finding our tribe can be instrumental in keeping stress at bay.

Crafting a Personal Sanctuary

Home should be more than just a place; it should be a feeling. Crafting a personal sanctuary, be it a reading nook, a garden, or even a quiet corner with a favorite chair, can offer an instant retreat. Somewhere you can put your feet up, breathe deeply, and momentarily let go of life’s relentless pace.

To all the wonderful women over 40 reading this, remember that it’s okay to prioritize yourself. It’s okay to admit when things get tough and to seek support. After all, the oak tree, in all its grandeur, knows that its strength lies not in resisting the storm, but in bending with the wind. Embrace mindfulness, explore meditation, and most importantly, be kind to yourself. You’ve earned it.


Sakinah Bunch, ND, INHC

Doctor of Naturopathy

Integrative Nutrtition Health Coach

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